Basic SET rail system - 3 elements of the "Home Pro" ceiling track series

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"Home-Pro" ceiling track system - linear and curved construction with ball-bearing mounted... more
Product information "Basic SET rail system - 3 elements of the "Home Pro" ceiling track series"

"Home-Pro" ceiling track system - linear and curved construction with ball-bearing mounted transport carriages

The "Home-Pro" rail system represents an innovative further development in the world of modular ceiling mounting systems, which has been specially designed for ambitious private users and commercial applications who prefer a turnkey solution in modular design. The Home-Pro system is characterized by its optimal suitability for higher and permanently suspended loads such as punching bags and offers unprecedented flexibility and safety thanks to its innovative ball bearing design. Core features of the Home-Pro system:

  • Ball-bearing slide on special rail: The heart of the system is the ball-bearing slide, which runs on a high-quality aluminium rail stabilized by a 1 cm thick steel substructure. This design ensures exceptional load-bearing capacity as well as light and smooth movement of the carriage, which makes it much easier to move heavy loads.
  • Curved design for maximum space flexibility: An outstanding innovation of the Home-Pro system is the ability to create curves. This feature allows considerable flexibility in space planning and makes the system the ideal solution for complex spaces where straight rails alone would not be sufficient.
  • Self-supporting transport carriage: The Home-Pro system's transport carriage is designed to roll along on its own as soon as it is gently pulled or pushed, making it much easier to use and handle. It can be easily locked and released every 10 cm. Training equipment is attached to an additional steel loop so that it can be conveniently rolled to the training location.
  • Ideal for permanent and high loads: The Home-Pro system has been specially optimized for the requirements of higher and permanently suspended loads. It offers a robust and safe solution for demanding users.
  • Turnkey modular construction: The system is aimed at users who have rooms without increased ceiling requirements and are looking for a ready-to-use solution. The modular design of the "HomePro" rail system enables quick and easy installation and flexible adaptation to the training room without the waiting times and expense of custom-made rails.

Scope of delivery and technical details:

  • 100 cm long rail on flat substructure with 4 fastening loops.
  • Rail dimensions on flat steel: 50 x 11 x 3.5 cm (L/W/H), weight: 1.75 kg / 100 x 11 x 3.5 cm (L/W/H), weight: 3.25 kg
  • "Home Pro" transport carriage with ball bearings for smooth and easy movement. With spring-loaded locking knob for easy fixing and releasing every 10 cm, conveniently operated using its own extension cable.
    Dimensions "Home Pro" transport carriage: 10 x 5.5 x 6 cm (L/W/H), weight: 0.25 kg
  • Stop stopper for mounting on the rail to stop the carriage. Dimensions "Home Pro" stopper: 3 x 3 x 2.5 cm (L/W/H), weight: 0.045 kg
  • Fixing material is not included and must be adapted to the on-site conditions.

Optionally available: Modular extension in 50 cm increments for individual length adjustments.

The "Home-Pro" rail system is a high-quality, safe and flexible solution for anyone who wants to mount their training equipment professionally and flexibly to the ceiling. With its innovative technology and user-friendly features, the "Home-Pro" system impresses as a modular ceiling mounting system for every application.

Differentiation between the "Standard" and "Home-Pro" ceiling rail systems and "Individual construction"

"Standard rail system" in modular design

  • available in modular design
  • Standard transport carriage with shackle, which can be moved by pulling or pushing in a plastic groove.
  • The system is designed for linear installations

"Home-Pro" rail system:

  • Available in modular design (in 50cm and 100cm lengths) and as individual rails (accurate to the centimeter).
  • Ball-bearing slide on a specially designed track for extremely light and smooth movements.
  • Possibility of building curves, which offers considerable flexibility in space planning.
  • The transport carriage rolls on its own when it is gently pulled or pushed, which simplifies handling.
  • Specially optimized for higher and permanently suspended loads, making it ideal for punching bags and similar training equipment.

Rail systems "Individual construction Standard and Professional"

  • are adapted precisely to the ceiling situation after individual consultation and room planning.
  • bridge gaps by means of ceiling suspensions between the bare ceiling and the suspension elements.
  • Production of the complete system to the nearest centimeter.
  • After production, turnkey delivery in individual modular elements for easy installation.
  • Available both as standard and in a ball-bearing version.
  • can be customized to almost any ceiling situation.
  • carries even higher loads.

Areas of application for the rail systems

Standard rail system: Ideal for users who are looking for a versatile and robust system for a wide range of training equipment and value a flexible but linear arrangement. It is suitable for both private and commercial use, where the basic installation offers a direct and simple solution for training areas.

Home-Pro rail system: Designed for ambitious home and commercial users who require a turnkey and highly customizable solution, especially for constantly suspended loads and in spaces that require a flexible layout. The ability to integrate curves and the ball-bearing transport carriage make it unique for complex installations.

Customized Standard and Professional: Our most flexible and efficient rail system. Customized production after free preliminary consultation. The solution for demanding room planning and challenging ceiling situations due to suspended elements, brick construction, high rooms and other building challenges.

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