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REHAPE Karabiner für Schlingentrainer Carabiner for sling trainers and punching bags
Carabiner for sling trainer suspension, punching bag extension and attachment of other sports equipment.
Content 1 Pieces
€9.95 *
Ceiling rail as a modular set for training equipment Rail system - set for sliding ceiling mounting...
Basic set modular rail system for training equipment. Sliding ceiling mount for punching bags, slingtrainer/TRX, bands, slings, swings, hanging chairs.
Content 1 Set
€362.78 *
Equipment slide for sports equipment attachment to modular ceiling rail Mounting slides for "standard" and "module" rails
Slide suspension "Standard" for movable slingtrainer attachment in course rooms. Compatible with ceiling track series "Module" and "Standard
Content 1 Pieces
€97.69 *
100cm extension Rehape ceiling rail for training equipment 100 cm extension - ceiling rails module series...
100 cm rail extension for the module series of the rail system for training equipment. Extension for the basic set of ceiling rail module series.
Content 1 Set
€225.00 *
Aluminum stopper for sports equipment rail system standard Sled-stopper for sleds of ceiling rails of the...
Stopper "Standard" for movable rail attachments of the Standard series for training equipment, sling trainers, punching bags and other equipment in course rooms.
Content 1 Pieces
€42.90 *
REHAPE tape sling 80cm - white red - folded Robust strap sling for SlingTrainer and extensions
Robust strap loop for versatile fastening and extension ♦ Polyamide, multiple stitching ♦ Loadable up to 22 kN (equivalent to 500 kg) ♦
Content 1 Pieces
From €13.22 *
50 cm extension for modular ceiling rail system 50 cm extension - ceiling rails module series...
50 cm rail extension for the module series of the rail system for training equipment. Just build the length that your training room needs.
Content 1 Pieces
€151.01 *
Basi-Set "Home Pro" Decken-Schienensystem für Trainingsräume Basic SET rail system - 3 elements of the "Home...
Innovative Home-Pro track system for ceilings with curved design and ball-bearing slide. Ideal for heavy loads, offers flexible room design and easy handling.
Content 1 Set
€470.66 *
"Home-Pro"-Deckenschiene 50cm-Verlängerung Aufsicht Rail system extension SET element for "Home...
Verlängerungsmodule des "Home-Pro" Systems für individuelle Schienenstrecken im Homegym oder Fitnessräumen, um Trainingsgeräte flexibel verschieben und wieder aufräumen zu können.
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From €154.70 *
Protective cap for "Home Pro" rail end pieces Protective cap for "Home Pro" rail end pieces
This plastic cap protects the ends of the "Home Pro" aluminum ceiling tracks and can be fitted precisely.
Content 1 Pieces
€22.50 *
Schlitten-Stopper Home-Pro Serie - Aufsicht Track system - black slide stopper for "Home...
REHAPE "Home-Pro" ceiling track stopper. Provides a reliable stop for appliances that roll along the ceiling rails.
Content 1
€37.50 *
Track system - Transport carriage with ball bearings for "Home Pro" ceiling tracks Track system - Transport carriage with ball...
Discover new training options with the Home Pro rail system transport carriage. Ideal for dynamic and flexible room design.
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€190.94 *
45 Grad Kurve des Home Pro Deckenschienen-Systems Rail system - curved SET element for "Home Pro"...
Curved elements flexibly extend the ceiling rails of the "Home-Pro" modular system for transporting training equipment for optimum space utilization in fitness areas.
Content 1 Pieces
€274.02 *