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REHAPE Suspension Trainer REHAPE Sling Trainer - suspension training device
The original REHAPE® Sling Trainer - training for healthy posture and movement without restrictions through effective and very flexible whole body training.
Content 1 Pieces
€123.50 *
The soft hand strap of the REHAPE Sling Trainer REHAPE® Sling Trainer Hand Strap single
The high quality Sling Trainer hand slings provide a soft & grippy holding experience at the same time, are washable, sturdy and durable.
Content 1 Pieces
€48.50 *
The spacer to the Rehape Slingtrainer Spacer for rehape sling trainer
The solid wood spacer provides more comfortable sling training and additional training difficulty.
Content 1 Pieces
€22.00 *
REHAPE Karabiner für Schlingentrainer Carabiner for sling trainers and punching bags
Carabiner for sling trainer suspension, punching bag extension and attachment of other sports equipment.
Content 1 Pieces
€9.95 *
Ceiling rail as a modular set for training equipment Rail system - set for sliding ceiling mounting...
Basic set modular rail system for training equipment. Sliding ceiling mount for punching bags, slingtrainer/TRX, bands, slings, swings, hanging chairs.
Content 1 Set
€362.78 *
The Suspension Trainer basic SET REHAPE®Sling Trainer Basic Set
The Slingtrainer Bassis set - the quick start in sling training for more strength, posture and health.
Content 1 Set
€153.50 *
Single suspension for suspended ceilings Ceiling fixture for suspended ceilings - sports...
professional suspension for sling trainers and sports equipment on false ceilings for physiotherapy, gyms, home training, gyms and boxing gym.
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From €175.00 *
Equipment slide for sports equipment attachment to modular ceiling rail Mounting slides for "standard" and "module" rails
Slide suspension "Standard" for movable slingtrainer attachment in course rooms. Compatible with ceiling track series "Module" and "Standard
Content 1 Pieces
€97.69 *
Aluminum stopper for sports equipment rail system standard Sled-stopper for sleds of ceiling rails of the...
Stopper "Standard" for movable rail attachments of the Standard series for training equipment, sling trainers, punching bags and other equipment in course rooms.
Content 1 Pieces
€42.90 *
100cm extension Rehape ceiling rail for training equipment 100 cm extension - ceiling rails module series...
100 cm rail extension for the module series of the rail system for training equipment. Extension for the basic set of ceiling rail module series.
Content 1 Set
€225.00 *
Professional steel anchor ceiling suspension for boxing bags + sling trainer Professional ceiling and wall anchors for...
Ceiling anchors for ceiling and wall mounting for sling trainers, exercise equipment. Punching bags or Pilates towels
Content 1 Pieces
From €45.73 *
mobile Türbefestigung für Slingtrainer und Trainingsgeraete REHAPE® Sling Trainer door mount / door anchor
The inexpensive door anchor for sling trainers or other exercise equipment expands your exercise options for suspension training while traveling, in the office or at home.
Content 1 Pieces
€6.55 *
REHAPE tape sling 80cm - white red - folded Robust strap sling for SlingTrainer and extensions
Robust strap loop for versatile fastening and extension ♦ Polyamide, multiple stitching ♦ Loadable up to 22 kN (equivalent to 500 kg) ♦
Content 1 Pieces
From €13.22 *
Seat board with rockers for REHAPE Slingtrainer Seat board & exercise board with rocking...
Extend your workout with the REHAPE Rocking Board: Multifunctional seat & exercise board with rocking and balance function.
Content 1 Pieces
€79.00 *
50 cm extension for modular ceiling rail system 50 cm extension - ceiling rails module series...
50 cm rail extension for the module series of the rail system for training equipment. Just build the length that your training room needs.
Content 1 Pieces
€151.01 *
Set for mounting sports equipment to the ceiling at home Mounting set for exercise equipment on ceilings...
With the fastening set you can fix your sling trainer or other sports equipment almost anywhere indoors or outdoors with a strap loop.
Content 1 Set
€40.00 * €45.00 *
Schaukelbrett im Sling Trainer Sitz- und Übungsbrett für REHAPE® Sling Trainer
Das Übungsbrett erweitert den REHAPE Sling Trainer um viele Übungsmöglichkeiten im Sitzen und Stehen.
Content 1 Pieces
€59.00 *
Example of wall suspension for sling trainer & punching bag Wall bracket, wall suspension - Slingtrainer &...
Professional slingtrainer wall mount - distance up to 140cm - also brings punching bags, ropes, swings safely to the wall - home training, physiotherapy, fitness
Content 1 Pieces
From €215.00 *
Professional slide oblique-view Mounting slide - ball bearing for...
Ball bearing Professional slide for rails for mobile wall & ceiling mountings for slingtrainer & training equipment. Compatible with the "Professional" ceiling rail series
Content 1 Pieces
€324.50 *
Professional mounting rail with sled for punching bag and training equipment - example installation Rail system "Professional" - Individual...
Your training equipment is getting mobile: The training equipment rolls to the training area on ball-bearing slides of the high-quality "Professional" rail system.
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Professional Stopper für Deckenschienen Individualbau - Schrägansicht Slide stopper for custom construction - ceiling...
REHAPE Professional Ceiling Rail Stopper. The accessory for reliable fixation and perfect for heavy equipment.
Content 1 Pieces
€50.58 *
Slingtrainer Exercise Poster-Set 7 x A4 Slingtrainer Exercise Poster-Set 7 x A4
The 7 Slingtrainer exercise posters DinA4 are the ideal guide for getting started and regular training with the Slingtrainer.
Content 1 Set
€20.00 *
Slingtrainer Starter Spar Set with attachment, info and accessories REHAPE Sling Trainer STARTER - Discount Package
Start now with effective training for health, back, legs and more! The REHAPE Slingtrainer STARTER-Discount Set for home and on Tour.
Content 1 Set
€189.90 * €225.23 *
Rehape Loop Trainer Starter discount package REHAPE Loop Trainer STARTER-Set
As a trainee or as a trainer, are you looking for exercises for effective stabilization training? Then the Slingtrainer STARTER set for loop training is just what you need!
Content 1 Set
€169.00 * €196.50 *
Knowledge Basics Slingtraining - a book for beginners in suspension training - front cover Knowledge Basics Sling Training - Everything...
Basics Slingtraining for athletes, coaches, teachers and therapists ✔ 7 training complexes with over 50 exercises ✔ numerous photos and explanations/theory about concept, methodology and practice.
Content 1 Pieces
€9.95 *