Mounting slides for "standard" and "module" rails

Equipment slide for sports equipment attachment to modular ceiling rail

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Geräteschlitten auf modularer Schiene mit Stopper
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The standard sled glides with the attached sports equipment easily and safely to the training... more
Product information "Mounting slides for "standard" and "module" rails"

The standard sled glides with the attached sports equipment easily and safely to the training place. You let the fixation snap in and the training can start. Afterwards, a light pull releases the lock and in no time everything is pushed away and tidied up again.

When buying the standard sled for Sportsequipment you get

Movable sled that can slide on the rail system "Standard" with movable loop to fix the equipment and button to release the fixation. (Fixation rod and rail system sold separately)
Note on the load capacity for punching bags: we recommend a maximum of up to 50 kg, above that the Professional sled is suitable with the Professional rail system.

technical data

load capacity 750 kg
width 32 mm
125 mm
weight 300 g
height with hanging shackle
75 mm
shackle inner diameter

25 mm height
16 mm wide

Advantages and functionality of the equipment sled - easy cleaning up of e.g. sling trainers

Sling trainers, punching bags, ropes, Pilates towels, swings or other equipment attached to the "Standard" sled can be easily pulled along the matching "Standard" rail to the training location and quickly cleaned up again.

The sled consists of a metal body with a metal shackle attached to it that moves sideways. It is designed for continuous loads and can be locked to the standard rail every 5cm. It is fixed or released by a spring mechanism located next to the shackle, which can be engaged with a hook, for example, or to which a cord can be attached to pull the fixation pin out of the hole on the rail.

To operate the spring mechanism for releasing and fixing the carriage from below, it is best to use the optionally available operating rod with fork-shaped extension. This lifts the mechanism and a slight twist locks the carriage in place or releases it again. Alternatively, if the ceiling is not too high, a cord can be attached and pulled from below to release the slide.

With the equipment sled for training equipment you have a robust tool, for example, in classrooms sling training or exercises with other hanging sports equipment with several people to perform. With minimal effort, other things can be done in the room immediately after the course and the suspension trainers hang tidily one behind the other at the end of the rail system without getting in the way.

Load capacity: for punching bags we recommend a maximum of up to 50 kg, beyond that the Professional sled with the Professional rail system is suitable.

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