REHAPE Sling Trainer - suspension training device

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The original REHAPE®-Sling Trainer is the ideal training device for the whole body! Sling... more
Product information "REHAPE Sling Trainer - suspension training device"

The original REHAPE®-Sling Trainer is the ideal training device for the whole body!

Sling Training means training success with little effort. Training with the REHAPE Sling Trainer promotes exactly the muscles the body needs to counteract, for example, back, knee or shoulder complaints.

Your purchase of the REHAPE Sling Trainer consists of:

  • two multifunctional hand straps, made of robust, non-slip and very comfortable material mix.
  • a premium mountaineering rope, which is hand-sewn into a loop.
  • a quick reference guide

Advantages and functionality of the REHAPE Sling Trainer

Hand loops instead of handles:
Originally designed specifically for therapists, the hand loops are extra soft, grippy, durable, washable and sweat-resistant. They offer versatile grip and holding possibilities - whether with the hands, on arms and legs, in front of or behind joints or at different heights - the slings are always pleasantly flexible to use and allow a great variety of exercises for all age groups.
Even small children can grasp the loops optimally at a very early age and have a lot of fun training their motor skills in a playful way. Many physiotherapists are of the opinion that there is no better basis for a good development of the basic muscles.

Only with sufficiently large, wide and soft hand loops, the full flexibility of a sling training can be implemented.

The REHAPE sling trainer has no metal or plastic parts that could bend or break. the materials used are very high quality and robust. Per loop we give a guarantee on the seams up to a load of 150KG - so the sling trainer is suitable for a training weight up to 300 KG.

Thanks to the special Prusik knot, the height of the loops can be adjusted very quickly, flexibly and, above all, safely.

Regional production:
Instead of shipping products thousands of kilometers to Germany, we focus on short delivery routes and quality control already during production. Many sling trainers are manufactured in the Far East. Sellers in Germany often don't care about the production conditions. In contrast, we can ensure that the REHAPE Sling Trainer is produced under good manufacturing conditions and that the materials used are high quality, certified and skin-friendly.

The REHAPE Sling Trainer is a hand-sewn quality product. Customers consistently tell us that it has been hanging and in constant use for several years with no noticeable defect in the stitching.

Technical Information Sling Training

Recent findings in neuro- and muscle physiology have shown that the local stabilizers (deep muscles close to the joints) of joints react to fast, aggressive and unstable stimuli with innervation. Exercises in the REHAPE® Sling Trainer can effectively activate the muscle system of the local stabilizers due to the vibrating instabilities of the ropes. The muscle groups that control our posture and ensure that our body remains efficient in the small movements and everyday stresses, which are often neglected in our time, benefit particularly from sling training.

For this reason, the method known as "sling training" or "suspension training" is widely used for rehabilitation or prevention of back pain and joint pain.

Sling training aims to improve stability, coordination, sensorimotor function and general muscle strengthening.

Training for as little as 10-20 minutes a day leads to noticeable improvement, a more comfortable body feeling, a more upright posture and more confidence in everyday movement.

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