REHAPE Sling Trainer STARTER - Discount Package

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If you want to start with effective sling training and are looking for a carefree start package... more
Product information "REHAPE Sling Trainer STARTER - Discount Package"

If you want to start with effective sling training and are looking for a carefree start package to be able to train immediately versatile, then this set offers you everything you need at a low entry price. Whether for indoor or outdoor exercises, it comes with all the necessary equipment, attachments, instructions and accessories.

When you buy the "Sling Trainer STARTER - Discount Package" you get:

  • one REHAPE® Sling Trainer
  • one spacer
  • a seven-piece poster set
  • The book - "Basics Slingtraining" by Hape Meier
  • DVD Slingtraining with booklet
  • the REHAPE attachment set - optimal for all conditions, consisting of:
    • 1 x carabiner with safety screw cap
    • 1 x strap loop / extension 1 meter, double stitched
    • 1 x door mount / door anchor for Rehape Slingtrainer (training on the go)
    • 1 x ceiling / wall mounting (U-anchor) made of stainless steel
    • 4 x screws and dowels each (suitable for wood and concrete)

Advantages and contents of the set in detail

To give you an even more effective workout, the set includes a spacer made of solid wood. This provides additional instability and challenges your muscles even more. The spacer can be easily attached between the ropes and used as needed.

With the seven-piece poster set, you get a handy guide for your workout. The posters show you how to effectively train your abs, back muscles, shoulders, core and legs. In addition, you will learn how to adjust the training intensity to your personal fitness level.

The book "Basics of Sling Training" by Hape Meier offers you further knowledge and information about the right training on 52 pages. It contains a short theory section with the most important basics and many practical exercise examples with and without equipment. Immerse yourself in the world of training on slings and optimize your training experience.

The enclosed DVD "Sling Training with Booklet" shows you in moving pictures how easy and effective sling training, also often referred to as suspension training, is. You will see that everyone, regardless of age or gender, can benefit from this training. Get inspired by the detailed instructions and take your workout to a new level.

The REHAPE attachment set is the ideal addition for all conditions. It includes a carabiner with safety screw lock, a double stitched strap loop/extension of one meter, a door attachment/anchor for training on a door on the go in a hotel or office and a ceiling/wall attachment (U-anchor) made of high quality stainless steel. With this set, you can securely attach your sling trainer anywhere and make your workout flexible. ATTENTION: the mounting material for the U-anchor may have to be adapted to the conditions on site, i.e. the condition of ceilings or walls!

Outdoor Training: With the carabiner in combination with the strap loop, the sling trainer can be easily attached outdoors to a branch, soccer goal, stair railing, higher pipe or similar: The carabiner facilitates the unhooking and hooking of their sports equipment. In conjunction with the strap loop, it is the ideal intermediate piece in the suspension.

Sling training with the Rehape Sling Trainer

The Rehape Sling Trainer takes advantage of the so-called stabilization effect in training. Whether you support yourself with your hands in the ropes or with your legs in the slings. Your body wants to create stability and to do so it activates small muscles close to the joints called local stabilizers which are also often referred to as deep lying muscles. These make your torso and back muscles strong and stable, but are not addressed as effectively in conventional strength training, for example.

Just do push-ups in the ropes! Your arms will have to do a lot more, and your entire torso will be working to bring your body into balance!

You will feel the effect even if you only lean forward into the ropes while standing - the more weight you shift into the sling trainer, the sooner your body will reach the trembling point.

Further information about sling training

  • In addition, we offer various other information on our website to help you learn even more about the many possibilities of sling training. Click here to go to our main page
  • Under the tab "Accessories" you will find the other set components and further accessories individually presented and explained.

Dive into the world of sling training and start your effective and holistic training experience today with the "Sling Trainer STARTER-SPAR set".

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