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When purchasing the "Sling Trainer STARTER Set" you will receive: one REHAPE® Sling Trainer... more
Product information "REHAPE Loop Trainer STARTER-Set"

When purchasing the "Sling Trainer STARTER Set" you will receive:

  • one REHAPE® Sling Trainer
  • one spacer
  • a seven-piece poster set
  • a practical door anchor
  • The book - "Basics of Sling Training" by Hape Meier
  • DVD Slingtraining with booklet

The REHAPE® Sling Trainer spacer made of solid wood provides additional instability and thus an even more effective training - not only for advanced users. It is easily fixed between the ropes with two screw-on metal fasteners and can be quickly inserted or removed as needed.

The seven easy-to-understand and clear posters show you how to do your workout correctly and effectively - whether for abdominals, back, shoulders, torso or legs - and how you can easily adjust the training intensity to your personal level.

Especially for those who want to know more about the right training, the book "Basics Slingtraining" by Hanspeter Meier completes this set. On 52 pages Hape Meier gives a short theory part of the important basics and many practical exercise examples with and without equipment.

The DVD Slingtraining illustrates in moving pictures how easy and how every man or woman can perform Slingtraining.

The practical door anchor is suitable for a quick start and for training on the go. If the hook in the ceiling is missing, then simply clamp the door anchor between the door and the door frame. The loop that sticks out is used to attach the sling trainer. And already a workout can be completed.

Sling training with the Rehape Sling Trainer

The Rehape Sling Trainer takes advantage of the so-called stabilization effect in training. Whether you support yourself with your hands in the ropes or with your legs in the slings. Your body wants to create stability and to do so it activates small muscles close to the joints called local stabilizers which are also often referred to as deep lying muscles. These make your torso and back muscles strong and stable, but are not addressed as effectively in conventional strength training, for example.

Just do push-ups in the ropes! Your arms will have to do a lot more, and your entire torso will be working to bring your body into balance!
You will feel the effect even if you only lean forward into the ropes while standing - the more weight you shift into the sling trainer, the sooner your body will reach the trembling point.

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